Interview Description

Question 1

Assignment: Interview at least three women in your family. Identify women who are related to you, e.g. mother, grandmother, aunt, sister, cousin, etc. and women who are at least five years older but preferably older women. Interviews may be conducted by phone, by letter, or face-to-face. Transcripts of your interviews should be included with your paper

Question 2

Show the role of women in a doll’s house, the history and achievements. MLA format cite sources and avoid plagiarism

Question 3

compare puritan women(1600s) and 21st women

150 words

must use own words!!

need to submit to turnitin

Question 4

What are the difficulties they face? Are there enough women in management positions of the companies? Does sex play any role on employment?

Please form your thesis based on question like these and write the paper accordingly.


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