Interquatile Range

Question 1

The following information was gathered from 100 families in rural KZN with regard to their weekly incomes.
Screenshot from 2018-04-25 11-39-07
1.1 Draw the downward sloping (<) ogive using the frequency distribution.     (3)
1.2 Calculate the mean weekly income.     (4)
1.3 Calculate the median income.     (3)
1.4 Calculate the mode.     (3)
1.5 Calculate the standard deviation.     (6)
1.6 Calculate the interquartile range     (6)
Question 2

Students must complete a 2700 word assignment in two parts.

Part One

Food and Beverage Service Facilities Designers follow a set of Basic principles underlying their designs, identify and explain what these key principles are.

(60 Marks)

Part Two

Analyse the impact that these principles have environmentally on a modern Hospitality Building.

(40 Marks)

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