Interprofessional Education

Inter-professional collaboration is a large portion of our daily professional practice. An individual entering the health care profession can look forward to being part of a team cooperatively sharing information, support and expertise to provide comprehensive, high-quality patient care. As an MRT we need to have a collaborative and respectful working relationship with many other health care workers within the workplace. This collaboration includes (but is not limited to) Physicians, Surgeons, Specialists, Nurses, Phlebotomists, Respiratory Therapists and Paramedics. We also encounter Corrections Officers and Police Officers and Social Workers during the examination of their clients.
This assignment begins with a simple interview. You are tasked with seeking out one Confederation College student that is enrolled in a program within the School of Health, Negahneewin, & Community Services and asking them the attached list of interview questions. This can be done over online platforms or by calling each other, face to face contact is not necessary. If you have difficulty finding another student please email me and I can connect you through other professors. After the student is finished answering your questions (or while they are answering you) make sure you also explain the MRT program and profession using the same questions. After compiling their answers, write a reflective journal (one page max) that you will need to submit to me by email for grading.
While writing the journal consider the following questions….
• What have you learned about the scope of practice of the program the interviewed student is enrolled in? What surprised you?
• Outline how you believe you might collaborate on the job with this other profession.
• How could the collaboration positively affect patient care, or lead to positive patient care outcomes?
• What negative patient care outcomes could happen without effective collaboration?
• What personal skills or personality traits do you feel are necessary for effective collaboration?
• What are some benefits that interprofessional care can provide to the patient and overall to our health care system?

Survey Questions

  1. What program are you currently enrolled in, and which year of training?
  2. Were you ever enrolled in or were thinking seriously about a different program?
  3. What factors lead you into the program you are currently in?
  4. Did anything surprise you about your current program in terms of scope of practice, duties or responsibilities?
  5. What tasks or duties are you most fearful of doing for the first time when you reach clinical practice or after you have graduated?
  6. Does your program involve a Certification exam? Is it provincial or national and what sort of dues are involved?
  7. Is there yearly professional dues associated with your profession and any continuing education that you must attain?
  8. Do you know what a Medical Radiation Technologist is?
  9. Describe what you feel is the scope of practice for an MRT.
  10. Can you name 3 areas of specialization that an MRT might seek additional training in after Graduation?
  11. How do you feel our future professions might collaborate on the job?

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