Interpret Analytical Data Using Appropriate Analysis Tools and Methods

Assessment Guidance
This section is focuses on assessment for this unit are all assessed together – but each AC plays as a specific part and will be assessed separately – so, you need to ensure you cover those specific requirements, so they stand out to the marker.
• In this you are demonstrating how you used analysis tools and methods to make sense of the data you are provided with
• Analysis tools in this section are interpreted as being discussion covering what the raw data is telling you – so (from the indicative content) identifying causes and effects (root-cause analysis), identifying trends, patterns, themes, anomalies, further questions. The graphical representation of data.

The primary purpose of this part of the assessment is for you demonstrate your ability to choose the right tool. So, in your coverage of this, as well as presenting your graphical review of data, write a few sentences explaining why the tool you have used is the right one.

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