Please cite past courses in this text for reflections as part of your discussion. A minimum of five citations/sources should be from other books/text citations from previous courses.

TOPIC: Internship Essentials – Self-Awareness as an Asset and an Outcome 

Reading: Sweitzer & King – CHAPTER 5

Chapter 5 Questions:

  • Chose the aspects of your worldview that you wonder about- whether in positive or in compromising ways- in terms of their influence on your ways of being. Develop a list of how those aspects of your worldview affect you – in your daily life and in your internship. What questions do these worldviews raise for you? Now develop a list of ways in which those aspects of your worldview affect your thinking and acting. Which questions do the effects raise for you when it comes to your internship? Which changes do you want to see happen?
  • Given what you recall of past internships or employment, what aspects of self-awareness do you believe are strengths and particularly useful to your role as an intern? In what way are these similar and different from the strengths you had in previous experiences? Are there aspects of self-understanding that give you a reason for concern when it comes to this internship? If sol, do you understand why that is? Have you given thought to a plan to move through it?
  • What the major reasons you chose the academic field you did, and what way is that connected to this internship? What professional field do you plan to enter eventually, and how is that connected to the internship? Why this internship at this site at this time? Can you see any way that those motivations could be troublesome for you in your internship?

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