Internship Report

You must develop a deep understanding about the operational, cultural, marketing, administration, leadership, management, technical, financial, and legal functions of your internship organization. In this deliverable, you will explain the following in detail, in connection with viable research theories, concepts, principles, and frameworks. This document should be written in third person. Use expository writing techniques to evaluate your internship organization.
o Describe the organizational identity.
o Organizational Vision: Explain the vision of your internship organization and why.
o Organizational Mission: Explain the mission of your internship organization and why.
o Organizational Values: Explain the values of your internship organization and why.
o Organizational Structure: Depict an organizational structure of your internship organization
(hierarchical, flat, matrix, agile, etc.). Explain the organizational structure. Describe the
identity in association with the organizational structure.
o Organizational Philosophy: Explain the philosophy by which your internship organization
o Explain the leadership and management philosophy (including accountability and controls)
based on your observations and any formal training you receive, or any field research you
o Evaluate and identify any overarching themes within the organizational culture.
o Evaluate and explain how concepts such as span of control, accountability, empowerment,
power, and influence play a role in consideration of organizational structure, leadership, and
 This evaluation report should connect practice with theory using a minimum of five scholarly
research articles or other library resources. Websites are not counted in the five required resources.
 Be sure to evaluate the organization. Conduct research on what it means to evaluate something
before developing this evaluation report.

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