Internet of Things

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Internet of Things Coursework
The goal of this coursework is to apply your knowledge and practical skills to design and build an IoT application.

The deliverables of the coursework consist three artifacts: A final report that details the design (70%). A demo of your application (a video recording) along with implementation source code (30%).

Your final report should address but is not limited to the following parts regarding your design:

Introduction: Define the application scenario and the problem — justify why an IoT solution is needed, propose your design and the main functionality, decompose the design into smaller tasks, and give a basic outline of what you proposed to implement. The main tasks and the logic flow should be well justified.

Details of the design: Include any tools, sensors, modules, protocols, platforms, pseudo code, and diagrams — anything that is necessary to clearly explain your IoT system/steps. You are free to go further beyond what you have been provided with for your practical exercises. You need to compare the useful components/sensors/modules before you adopt any of them for your design. Browse the Internet, look for more sensors, identify their operating/working conditions (e.g. power supply), and include them in your design. Describe the communication protocols and application protocols that you will use with detailed data flow and pseudo code. Even though some sensors/functions will not be implemented due to the limited resources, a consistent representation of them in data flow and pseudo code is expected across all stages. If you are considering using a commercial platform as a public broker/server, name the one you want to use and provide evidence of testing the platform. Besides, the technical issues, the cost of your design should be quantitatively evaluated. Justify all your choices for this part.

Implementation: You could implement only a part of your design. It is acceptable for you to have a sophisticated design but without an implementation of the entire design due to the limits on available tools or resources. Basic and advanced requirements for your implementation include:

● The system functions without errors (basic)
● Hardware components are well connected (basic)
● The design/function logic is clear (basic)
● The demo is self-explanatory and the code is clearly commented (basic)

● Applying machine algorithms to enable sensory feedback to the project (advanced)

Discussion and conclusions: Summarize the main insights into your design and map your solutions to the defined scenario and problems. Discuss the potential pitfalls, advantages and disadvantages of your design and how your design could be improved. Identify clearly which part you implemented as a tangible output and why the rest are not implemented.

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