International Salesperson

Question 1


  • Name at least six characteristics of an international salesperson necessary for successful sales of your product in a foreign market. Explain why you think these are priorities for your hiring criteria.
  • Discuss whether hiring your own domestic force or hiring local/foreign salespeople is preferable. Give two advantages of hiring a domestic force and sending them to the foreign entity and two advantages of hiring a local sales force. Would you hire both? Why or why not?
  • How would you structure your foreign sales force, and how would you compensate and evaluate them if they were an especially “team-oriented” culture?

Question 2

Read an article “Understanding National Culture” on page 202 of your text. Then, take the Quiz on page 195. Select one of your answers on the Quiz and explain why you matched a company with the country you chose. Why is it important for managers to understand national cultures around the world? Provide supporting rationale.

Coulter, M. (2013). Strategic management in action (6th ed.). [Electronic version].


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