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Discussion Questions (Short Answers)

  1. Watch the Bombas video. How might it affect consumer buyer behaviors (including the stage in the purchasing process that would be most affected)?
  2. Read the CNN story. How might such positive publicity influence consumers to try the product.  What role would the quality of the socks as advertised play in consumer purchasing decisions?
  3. Watch the 4Ocean video posted on the website. How is it designed to influence consumer buyer behaviors?
  4. Read the Forbes 4Ocean story. How does the product line offered by 4Ocean differ from the Bombas socks approach? Which do you think has a better chance of succeeding over time? Why?…

Discussion Questions (Short Answers)

  1. Beyond public relations statements, should a company take more action against this type of abuse, or would it simply magnify the problem?
  2. What is a company’s ethical responsibility in this situation?
  3. Milana Vayntrub has continued to portray Lilly in AT & T advertisements. What impact will this circumstance have on the company’s marketing program, short and long term? Consider the company’s response to the harassment when forming your answer.

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