International Human Resource Management

Assessment Information

This assignment is designed to assess learning outcomes:

1. Critically evaluate the key issues involved in managing and developing people across cultural boundaries in the context of globalization, international mergers and alliances and the general internationalisation of business.

2. Critically analyse the main theoretical contributions towards understanding different culture and national policies and their implications for International Human Resource Management (IHRM) practices.

3. Diagnose complex management and organizational problems relating to the management and development of people across different cultures.

4. Develop and apply courses of action as a means of competitive advantage by diagnosing complex organisational problems relating to the managing of people across different culture.

This assignment requires you to answer the following question:

A telecommunication company from your home country decide to open a new operational office in London. You are an HR consultant and have been asked to provide recommendations on a reward management program for the company.
1. Critically compare your home country and the U.K. organisational and environmental context which may influence the reward management practice.
2. Critically analyse the effectiveness of reward program for the company, using academic theory and literature to underpin the recommendations.

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