International Business Negotiations

Question 1

Explain the difference between hard power and soft power negotiating strategies in the context of international business negotiations. Share an example from recent news (within the last one or two years) that demonstrates either a hard power or soft power negotiating approach, and describe the negotiation outcome. Was it a success or failure?

Provide a thorough response in one or two paragraphs, using appropriate terminology from the chapter.

In response to your peers’ posts, discuss how you think the approaches they described contributed to the success or failure of the negotiation and why. Engage your peers in a meaningful discussion on the module topics. Use at least one scholarly reference.

Question 2

Read the case study titled, “We Hear a Symphony….or do We?” in A Casebook on Corporate Renewal. Then, answer the following questions:

  1. Is the union being unreasonable?
  2. Should society subsidize the arts?
  3. Propose a solution to the negotiations.

Post your response to the discussion thread provided.

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