International Business and Management.

While many aspects of international management are fundamentally the same as domestic management, once managers are required to operate across national boundaries they face differing problems and opportunities.” Kelly, P. (2009) International Business and Management. Cengage.

Identify three ‘differing problems and opportunities’ faced by international managers from the areas we have studied (below) and evaluate their importance to the competitive advantage of an organisation. Choose your three topics from three different columns.

Throughout, you should demonstrate knowledge, application, analysis and evaluation. You should evidence wider reading and write in an appropriate academic style.

Choose 3 topics from column 1-4. Each of your chosen topics should be from a different column. Your analysis should focus on just one or two aspects of each topic.
Strategic Planning 2
responsibly 3
Designing the organisation


Managing digital information and knowledge 4
Culture & Leadership OR
Managing Human resources

You can also refer to your Week 6 Contemporary HRM notes for this column.
Key topic questions.

For international managers how is entering an overseas market different to entering a domestic market?
How/why might the ethical behaviour of international managers be different to domestic managers?
For international managers how might global organisational design differ from domestic organisational design?
In what ways might culture and leadership style differ for
international and domestic managers?
How might managing human resources differ

    For international   for international and
    managers how might  domestic managers?
    managing digital    
    information and 
    knowledge globally  
    differ from doing so in 
    just one home country?  

For each of the three topics chosen you should
• identify areas of difference between the international and the domestic manager to show
content and demonstrate your knowledge
• analyse each identified area in terms of challenge or opportunity. This analysis should be supported by referenced academic theory/comment.
• support your analysis with relevant business examples (application)
• include a mini conclusion for each topic that answers the key question for that topic. In doing so you should demonstrate judgement (evaluate) as to why managing in these areas is different for an international manager. The overall conclusion for your essay should consider the impact of managing internationally in these areas to organisational competitive advantage.

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