Internal And External Analysis Of A Health Care Organization


Create a PPT presentation of 12-15 slides depicting the internal and external analysis of the organization you have chosen to study in this course. Address the following:

Internal Analysis of a Health Care Organization:

Refer to Learning Exercise 1 on page 44 of your Textbook, this will assist you with the completion of this assignment. For this assignment, you will study the organization from an internal standpoint focusing on the following areas:

Historical financial performance and current financial condition (you may not have access to specific data in this section; if that is the case, focus on the main components of financial performance both historical and current and why each component is important).

Major resources and competencies-(financial, organizational, physical, technological, human, creative perceptual etc.)

Internal value chain (You may create a visual for this section if you would like).

External Analysis of a Health Care Organization: 

Refer to Learning Exercise 1 on page 65 of your Textbook, this will assist you with the completion of the external analysis. Conduct an external environmental analysis of your selected organization using general, publicly available resources. 



  1. Economic (global, national, and regional)
  2. Sociocultural/Demographic
  3. Technology

Analyze how the above components of the health care system interact with and affect each other. (C4.1)

Finally, conduct a five-force analysis of the organization. (Refer to Page 89 in your textbook; this will assist you with completing this section of the assignment.)

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