Interests In Different Countries

  1. State the target overseas country you have chosen and explain why this country interests you. 

The country I chose is Ethiopia.  The reason why I chose Ethiopia is because many Americans seem to think that Africa is a #$%&* hole Country.  This honestly makes me angry.  I don’t know about the economics of Africa and how it works.  This is the time to learn.  In addition, my organization does not work in Ethiopia, however, there is an organization of the Catholic faith that does. The organization is called Catholic Relief Services. (CRS)

  • Briefly describe the product or service provided by your organization (or an organization that is of interest) that you will analyze in this course. 

The service I would like Catholic Charities to provide would be some sort of financial assistance with health care costs for Africans in Ethiopia.  Especially HIV and AIDS. The organization that is of interest to me is Catholic Relief Services. I believe (CRS) holds the same beliefs as Catholic Charities. 

Values & commitment

  • CRS works passionately on a global scale to contribute to a more just, peaceful, and prosperous world.
  • CRS uses innovative approaches to meet the world’s toughest humanitarian problems.
  • CRS is committed to the pursuit of the common good and focused on delivering sustainable solutions that create lasting impact.
  • CRS is approachable and accountable to one another, our partners, donors and the people we serve.
  • CRS serves those people in greatest need, and is inspired by their potential and opportunities for positive change.
  • People use their assets to develop strategies to manage risk, build resilience and improve their lives,
  • People use their assets to influence structures and systems, and
  • Social equity and inclusion are essential to creating an atmosphere of peace, social justice and human dignity.
Unemployment Rate19.116.9percentDec/18
Inflation Rate3334.2percentNov/21
Interest Rate77percentJun/21
Balance of Trade-2735-2691USD MillionJun/21
Current Account-927-797USD MillionJun/21
Current Account to GDP-4.4-5.3percent of GDPDec/20
Government Debt to GDP5957percent of GDPDec/20
Government Budget-4-2.5percent of GDPDec/20
Corporate Tax Rate3030percentDec/21
Personal Income Tax Rate3535percentDec/21

Using any of the nine indicators in the G, U or I section of the GUIDES Worksheet, select two indicators and explain how these relate to your chosen target country’s economic health

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