1. Having read the sections entitled Emile Durkheim and Functionalist Perspective in Chapter One of your textbook, define (in your own words) the following terminology: anomie, manifest functions and latent functions. Give an example of each sociological concepts. Do an online search about Emile Durkheim and discover and write about how Durkheim conceptualized the family? What did he write were the “functions” of the family? What is socialization? (you can use your text for details). Answer each of these question in two/three sentences.   

3. Having read the sections entitled, Max Weber and Interactionist Perspective, in Chapter One of your textbook and internet, explain the way Weber conceptualized the role of the researcher (hint: verstehen). How might verstehen be a humanitarian way of doing research? Do an internet search as well as use your index of your textbook to identify any three key ideas of Max Weber. Explain the ideas in your own words. Include the following ideas: Weber’s main idea in his important work, The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism and his definition of “status.”    Please write at least four paragraphs in essay form.                           3. What do you think Karl Marx meant when he wrote “Workers of the world unite; you have nothing to lose but your chains?” Please respond in at least four sentences.

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