Interaction Designs


Case study week 4

You have been assigned to one of four case studies as described in the syllabus. The files to the case studies are attached to this assignment by clicking the links. You must submit your deliverable in the drop box under the Assignments Folder. The instructions are as follows:

The assignment is worth 150 points.

This is an individual deliverable.

The assignment requires a 4-6 page review, not including cover page, abstract, and a reference page, of the business use case you have been assigned.

Students who have last names begin with:

Answer the following questions:

  • Summarize the case study
  • Identify the study method used and why it was appropriate
  • Explore some of the qualitative or quantitative methods gathered.
  • Answer these two additional questions:
  • How would you conduct the study any differently?
  • Given the nature in the advance of technology, how do you foresee technology changing the way studies such as these are conducted in the future?

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