Intelligence Topic

Question 1

Select TWO companies listed on an internationally recognised and well-established Stock Exchange. The chosen companies should have been multinational corporations (MNCs) for at least FIVE years, and they are competitors. They could be from the same or different countries.
The MNCs must be from one of the following industries:
• Food and beverage
• Automobile manufacturing
• Hotel
• Transportation and logistics
(1) Describe and discuss the foreign currency TRANSACTION EXPOSURES faced by your chosen companies.
(40 marks)
(2) What tools or methods are used by the companies to manage the above exposures? In your discussion, you should critically evaluate each tool or method and use appropriate examples from these companies to illustrate your arguments.
(50 marks)
A further 10 marks will be available for presentation, referencing, spelling and language.

Question 2

Business Intelligence technology and processes are constantly changing. It’s important to stay current on new software, techniques, and innovative ways of converting data into meaningful information.

  • Find a recent online article related to a business intelligence topic.
  • In your own words write a summary of the article.
  • As you write your summary consider how your article relates to topics covered in the textbooks, videos, and presentations.

Suggested Websites for articles:

Business Intelligence – is the place for BI decision makers to access the most current and highest quality BI content aggregated from across the web.

CIO Magazine – CIO Magazine serves Chief Information Officers (CIOs), other IT leaders, as well as ecosystem that surrounds and interacts with them.

Information Week – Information Week is a periodical that concentrates on areas related to Strategic CIO, Software, Cloud, Mobile, Big Data, Security, Infrastructure, Government, and Healthcare.

Information Management – Information Management contains the latest news, commentary, and features content serving the information technology and business community.


* write 3 para graphs (1-2 pages)

*references required

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