Intelligence Testing

1. Why were first intelligence tests developed? What purpose did Alfred Binet and Henri Simon have in mind?

2. How would you define abstract thinking?

3. What is the difference between divergent thinking and convergent thinking?

4. Charles Spearman (1927) suggested the existence of a single shared factor across all aspects of intelligence – g (general intelligence). What is g?

5. What is the difference between fluid intelligence and crystallized intelligence and how are these abilities assessed?

6. What is multiple intelligences theory as proposed by Howard Gardner? What are the different intelligences that people possess?

7. What is emotional intelligence? Describe how one might demonstrate emotional intelligence.

8. What are three types of intelligence according to Sternberg’s Triarchic model?

9. How are IQ scores calculated?

10. What are the most commonly used adult and children intelligence tests? List and describe at least three of them. What is the advantage of culture-fair tests?

11. What do we mean by reliability of intelligence tests? Are standardized IQ tests reliable?

12. What does it mean if we say that an intelligence test lacks concurrent validity?

13. Define mental retardation and how is it related to bell curve.

14. Explain the concept of heritability and the misconceptions surrounding it.

15. How are family studies, twin studies, and adoption studies used in establishing the heritability of traits, such as intelligence?

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