Intellectual Disability


I selected “The Other Sister”

For this assignment, you will select one(1) video from the list below. Watch the movie and answer the questions on the sheet provided.

Part one: you will develop a power point presentation with slides that includes: overview of the disability, population of people with this disability, treatments and medications to help individuals with this disability, services and assistive technology available to these individuals, best practices for teaching these individuals (for home and school), laws that support these individuals,how factual is the information in the video depicted as it relates to what was learned from the actual disability, and any new insights learned about this disability. BE SURE TO PROVIDE YOUR REFERENCES. You must not exceed 14 slides. Slides should be attracted and not over killed with information.

Part Two: In a separate document you will answer the questions on the sheet.

SELECT ONE: If you select X-Men, I must know which one you will be watching. Also, you should let me know which video you will watch by September 20 for approval to avoid excessive submissions of the same movie. MAKE SURE YOU USE YOUR TEXTBOOK TO RESPOND TO QUESTIONS ON THE PROVIDED SHEETS TO SUPPORT YOUR REASONING.

IA_Beautiful_Mind.pdf download

IA_Scent_of_a_Woman.pdf  Download IA_Scent_of_a_Woman.pdf

IA_Whats_Eating_Gilbert_Grape.pdf download

IA_Rain_Man.pdf Download IA_Rain_Man.pdf

IA_Other_Sister.pdf download

PART Three: You will select two activities using the part III ( starting on page 454) Resources in the text to show how you would teach an activity to children with the noted disability in the video. Be sure to list the title of the activity and page number. Explain how this activity will be effective for teaching children in this disability group. In your writing, list the goal ,standard material age group for the activity and materials. Be specific in stating how you will teach this activity to the student and their parents with the disability from your selected video.

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