Integration Paper Assignment

Integration Paper Assignment Instructions


Your view of the relationship between psychology and the Christian faith will guide your practice of psychology, both professionally and personally. This course has presented several models of the relationship between Christian faith and the discipline of psychology. This Integration Paper Assignment provides an explicit avenue for you to articulate a coherent view of the relationship between psychology and Christianity using one of the models described in the course.


This Integration Paper Assignment is the capstone project of the course. You will choose a model from the course text that most closely aligns with your approach to the relationship between psychology and Christianity. Please follow the following format:

  • Integration Paper Assignment must include
    • Current APA-formatted title page
    • Introduction (including a thesis statement)
    • Body
    • At least 5 pages in length (excluding references and title page)
    • Conclusion
    • Current APA-formatted headings
    • Current APA-formatted reference page
      • Be sure to cite Entwistle and the Bible
      • No direct quotes
  • For the introductory paragraph:
    • Describe the importance of examining the relationship between psychology and Christianity.
    • The last sentence of the introduction must be your thesis statement that guides the rest of your paper.
      • Example: Upon consideration of the evidence from various disciplines of study, it seems like the (model chosen) best captures the relationship between psychological science and Christian faith.
  • In writing about your position, be sure to discuss the following points below and remember to cite Entwistle when you use his ideas:
    • What methods of knowing are appropriate for Christians and why. This will help you classify your approach and should be consistent with the model chosen.
    • A thorough description of the model and how it views the relationship between psychology and Christianity.
    • How your model views the two books concept.
    • Strengths of the model (at least 3).
    • Limitations of the model (at least 3).
    • Avoid using 1st person
      • Instead of saying “I think Christians should embrace psychology,” say “Christians should embrace psychology.”
      • Instead of saying “My view corresponds with the Colonialist position,” say “The Colonialist position seems ….”
    • The instructor will not proofread papers, but it is acceptable for a friend to proofread for clarity, grammar, and spelling.
  • Please note that papers will be graded on the quality of their thinking, defense, organization, clarity, and grammar, not on whether you agree with the instructor’s position.

Note: Your assignment will be checked for originality via the Turnitin plagiarism tool.

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