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Tips for Reaction Papers —A Reaction Paper is just what its name implies — in order to apply information from the
text, readings, and current media trends. You will be required to write a “reaction paper” on assigned chapter
readings. You will post your reaction paper on each reading assignment. Reaction Papers are due at the beginning
of the each Tuesday class.
You are to react in writing to something you have read in the text. I do not want a summary, an outline of the
content, or mindlessness like ‘I really enjoyed the chapter’ or anything like that. I want your REACTION and I
want it in two paragraph or three FOR EACH CHAPTER.

Your reaction should NOT be like this
“I really enjoyed reading the chapter, it was very informative and I learned a lot from the chapter. I now understand
what the chapter is about and the book is interesting and I am sure I will learn a lot more from each chapter of the

Your reaction should be like this

“Going through alternative leads on a step-by-step basis, such as in the accidental fire story, was really helpful to

illustrate what is meant by the focus of the story. I was interested to see in the rescue story how other media kept
reporting the rescue as completed while this reporter was on the scene and it was still going on. I wonder what
effect this has on media credibility. I didn’t know that a reporter sometimes has to really correct spelling of
names. The Wall Street Journal reporter seemed to start out with a slant favoring Nixon, but the evidence changed
her mind. I guess it’s OK to start a story with your mind made up if you are open to changing your mind when the
evidence warrants.

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