Inner Strength

Consider the following quote from Resilient Cities: Responding to Peak Oil and Climate Change: “Resilience can be applied to cities. They too need to last, to respond to crisis and adapt in a way that may cause them to change and grow differently; cities require an inner strength, a resolve, as well as a strong physical infrastructure and built environment. (Newman, Beatley, & Boyer, 2009).

For this assignment, choose a U.S. city that you are familiar with or one you would like to learn more about. After choosing a city, write at least 1,000 words, double-spaced, font size 12, answering the questions below. Before tackling the questions, you may find it helpful to review the 100 Resilient Cities website , and specifically the City Resilience Index, which you can read about in this report and on this website .

  1. Provide a brief introduction about the city and why you chose it.
  2. What, if anything, makes this city vulnerable to climate change?
  3. What might happen to this city in the future if it continues ‘business as usual’ and no steps are taken to increase its resiliency?
  4. How can the city’s built environment be changed to increase its resiliency?
  5. How can the city’s transportation system be modified to increase resiliency?
  6. What might be an effective way to implement a resiliency plan for this city, or improve upon an existing plan?

Feel free to use GIS, photos, maps, or other creative visual images or techniques to illustrate your point.

Do not forget to provide references for where you get all your information and a bibliography with all consistently formatted references

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