Inhumane Punishment

Question 1

Directions: Answer each question below by writing a strong paragraph that includes supporting information from the lesson. Please cite your outside resources.

A strong paragraph includes a minimum of three to five details from the lesson and is written in Academic English form. For more information on Academic English form, refer to the documents in the Orientation.

1. Give an explanation of what the Declaration of Independence signifies to America.

2. What was the purpose of the Declaration of Independence?

3. Why was John Hancock the first to sign the Declaration of Independence? What determined the order in which delegates signed the document? Choose one other person who signed the Declaration of Independence and give at least three (3) facts about this person.

4. The Declaration of Independence is based on which natural rights? Explain each right and give an example of each right. Tell how each of these natural rights pertains to you.

5. As you read the transcript of the Declaration of Independence, look at the bullet lists. What do think this list represents? Who are they referring to in the lists? Choose one item in the list and tell how this item has impacted us today in modern life.

Question 2

write 4-5 sentences as to why the term “cruel and unusual punishment” from the 8th amendment should be interpreted as torturous and inhumane.


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