Informative Speech

 Topics You Cannot Present:
Legalization of marijuana/ drugs
Legalization of alcohol drinking age to 18
In general, NO sex, drugs, or alcohol (in any form)
No guns/ firearms
No tobacco or smoking topics
NO how to speeches


This informative speech is aimed at increasing audience knowledge and understanding about an issue or event currently shaping our society in a significant manner (e.g.; may select a topic from the fields of technology, health, arts, sciences, religion, sports, etc.). Briefly present background information that will help your audience more fully understand the topic and discuss current developments in the news surrounding this issue. Your main points must be effectively supported and emphasized.
* Fully developed speech outline: Attention getter, thesis statement, preview, main points with supporting details, transitions, summary, and closing remarks are clearly identified and proper speech outline format is used. (Typed in Microsoft Word, Times New Roman, Font size 12).

* Bibliography (Works Cited Page) in APA format. (Typed in Microsoft Word, Times New Roman, Font size 12).

*Print screen the first page of all research sources used must be included in the documentation file.

Minimum of three credible research sources must be used. Two of the three sources must be from news reports or scholarly journals from the past twelve m

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