Information Technology and Systems for Health Care


Discussion Topic: Decision Support Applications

INSTRUCTIONS: Respond to all posts; response to classmates should be thoughtful and advance the discussion, response should make and/or frequent informed references to unit material or scientific literature, follow APA style if resources are used, 75 word minimum in response per post


When searching this site I found many documents about Electronic Health records. This seems to be a popular topic regarding medical data and how to keep it safe and proficient. These kinds of systems make it easy for providers to share healthcare information across various devices making treatment and diagnosis quicker. The more we use these integrated systems the faster we can create a cure for the common cold or even cure someone’s cancer. The most important thing a medical corporation looks for when choosing the right EHR is top priority, privacy and cost. People assume the medical industry makes the big money, but what people do not understand is it costs a lot of money to make sure everything runs smoothly twenty-four hours a day 365 days a year. Healthcare facilities are operated just like anyone’s house so you want everything inside that house to run the same, with little to no glitches. undefined

~Kassandra Thurlow~


Hello all, I went to the site and found a report or a letter to the chairman about the safety of patient identification. it talked about the covid pandemic and how misidentification of a persons identification was a struggle once the test were given and then returned apparently there was an issue with the results coming back to the right person. Another article that I found to be interesting was about a pt. who went into cardiac arrest and when someone pulled what they thought was the pt. records and was wrong, they pulled up another person and did not perform cpr due to a DNR that was noted in the chart, this ended with a very bad result of someone dying due to poor identification. Today people need to go through several ways to identify a person most people have an arm band with there name and birthday on it. So before a treatment of any kind is provided they must identify the name on the arm band, verbal identification, and the name on any paper work or EHR

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