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Question 1

Where Do We Go From Here

As we have progressed through this course we have reviewed and evaluated different aspects of the community-oriented policing system and have gotten a good idea of where we are now. But what of the future? Where are we headed to? If there is one thing we have learned it is that we are always evolving. For this week’s assignment consider the future of community-oriented policing. What changes are being suggested? What are the strategies that communities and law enforcement agencies are not using now that might be successful in the future? Evaluate possibilities and make suggestions as to how our communities can keep up with the times and continue to work with law enforcement to solve problems and improve the quality of life in the neighborhoods.

Create a narrated PowerPoint presentation that contains at least 10 slides which outline your community-policing approach in the future.

In your presentation, cite at least 2-3 references using the APA style guide format.

Question 2

Police Issues and Tends Paper #1 (100 Points) This papers must be in Word document format, APA 6th ed The paper must be a TOTAL of Five (5) pages minimum according to APA standards. Papers will be evaluated according to grammar, syntax, organization, and APA format. Professor’s proof reading and corrections are very costly to the grades, especially correcting the same mistake(s) repeatedly. Each student is required to write about the current police system in America. Your paper should include what it takes to be a police officer today, what the current situation in America is that law enforcement has to deal with, and where the future of law enforcement is going. Each research paper must have four (4) developed Scholarly Peer Reviewed source outside the video . Wikipedia, encyclopedia, and blogs are NOT acceptable as sources in academic writings. All research papers must conform to the America Psychological Association (APA) format.

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