Informal Reading Inventory Assignment


An Informal Reading Inventory (IRI) is a helpful tool for teachers to use to determine each individual student’s reading level of independent, instructional, and frustration.  It is recommended to give an IRI many times throughout the year to monitor a student’s personal growth in word recognition, oral reading, and comprehension.  The IRI gives teachers subjective information on what reading strategies are being used in order to develop the best plan of instruction to help that student progress in their reading level.


You will score an IRI while listening to Ezra read a story about harbor seal pups (found on pg. 45 – figure 2.5 in your textbook).  A transcript of the story is in the Informal Reading Inventory document provided with this assignment.  

Print out the Informal Reading Inventory, and make the correct markings while listening to the recorded reading.  Refer to the Watch: How to Score an Informal Reading Inventory (IRI) item in Module 4: Week 4 and the provided Error Analysis Markings document for guidance on scoring.  Your name must be written at the top of the inventory and you must show your work. 

There are three components that need to be calculated. 

  1. Word Recognition Percentage:  Once you have marked the reading passage on the inventory using the Error Analysis Markings document, write down the number of oral errors made.  Dialect does not count as an error.  The chart on the first page will help guide you to find the percentage.  You can also calculate your percentage by (number of total words read-number of errors)/total number of words x 100).  As stated on the Inventory, you should use 214 as the number of words read to calculate the Word Recognition Percentage since the proper name Pearson should not counted as an error.
    1. Ex:  If your student made 6 errors reading this passage, you would calculate:  (214-6)/214 x 100 so the percentage would be 97%.
  2. Comprehension Percentage:  There are comprehension questions to listen to and score.  Mark each question either right or wrong.  No partial credit should be given for comprehension questions.  Each question is worth 10%.  Refer to the Comprehension Chart on the second page to help calculate the Comprehension Percentage.  Answers do not have to be given exactly as suggested on the Inventory, but the meaning should be comparable. 
  3. Words Per Minute:  As stated on the Inventory, you should use 217 words for the words per minute reading rate.  The WPM calculation used is:  WPM = number of words in the passage x 60/time in seconds which is referenced on pg. 49 section 2-3i in your text. Example:  If your student read this passage in 2:00, you would calculate:  217×60/120 so the WPM = 109

Once completed, scan or upload a picture of your Informal Reading Inventory with your markup clearly visible.

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