Infographic on Optimising Sedation in Ventilated Patients

Infographics are visual representations of data which often take the form of a poster. They are a visually compelling communication medium which makes it easy for the viewer to extract and interpret complex data quickly.

You will each choose a clinical subject relating to the daily management of the critically ill patient. Please select one of the topics listed below as the subject of your infographic:

Optimising sedation in ventilated patients
Detection and management of delirium in critically ill patients

Your infographic should include information that explores:

The clinical problem. (e.g. delirium, thromboembolism)
Rationale for treatments / approaches considered
An evidence summary (summary of any evidence that informs practice in this area including)
Recommendations/ Take home message

Each element of the infographic should be based on the results of clinical research. You are all now equipped to identify clinical research, and particularly clinical trials. You should therefore include citations to the articles that you refer to somewhere in your infographic. Please use the Vancouver style when citing articles.

You will be using the online programme Venngage to complete your infographic. The infographic can be in any style that you like but should be visually appealing.

Your infographic should be created in Venngage and submitted as a PDF. Credit will be given for visual appeal and quality of writing.

(Attached to this is the guidelines for the infographic creation, an example and an evidence table that should come along with it.)

Evidence table

To demonstrate why you included the references that are cited in your infographic, you are required to submit an evidence table that includes details of your assessment of each of the references cited in your infographic.

This table should be completed in word and submitted along with your Infographic as a PDF doccument via the Turnitin system on Learn. See video at foot of page for guidance on combining your Venngage infographic with your Evidence table.

A template for the table is provided below (as a PDF doccument) including a fictitious example of the type of information that should be included

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