Individualized Education Plan

You are working as the special education teacher in an integrated kindergarten classroom with 12 students without IEPs and 8 children with IEPs. Children with IEPs include:

• 1 child with high functioning autism, also with sensory processing disorder
• 1 child with a mild visual impairment
• 1 child with a hearing impairment and cochlear implant
• 1 child with auditory processing disorder
• 1 child with a mild intellectual disability
• 1 child diagnosed with selective mutism
• 1 child who uses a wheelchair
• 1 child with a disability classification of speech/language impairment

Additionally, 3 children in the class are emergent bilinguals all speaking Spanish in their home (no IEPs). You have a general education teacher in the room as well as 3 paraprofessionals: one who is a native Spanish speaker, one assigned to the child in a wheelchair, and another assigned to the child with the visual impairment. Therapists are on site at the school and may push in or pull out from time to time but are not always available at a moment’s notice.
How might you:
• Set up your classroom?
• Plan/schedule your day?
• Integrate your curriculum?
• Communicate effectively with parents?
• Collaborate with the other adults in the room?
• Balance your role as the special education teacher (paperwork, IEP goals, ) with the need to also be a fully immersed co-teacher for all children in the classroom?

Make sure to back up these ideas with your textbook reading(s) (3000 word limit – only the first 3000 words will be read for your grade). You should include a picture or sketch of the room layout – not necessarily a perfect diagram but labels showing the environment, e.g., centers, large group areas, etc. You also will need to include sample schedule. Both the diagram and sample schedule should be included as an addendum to the paper and are not include as part of the 3000 word limit.
You must use the classroom simulation template Links to an external site. when submitting the assignment. The report must be written using APA guidelines.
Classroom sample simulation paper format:

Title in Upper and Lower Case
Group Participant Names
Touro College Graduate School of Education
Course Number: Course Name
Term Month and Year

Title of your Paper in Upper and Lower Case (Centered, not Bold)
Type your introduction. Although the first paragraph after the paper title is the introduction, no heading labeled Introduction is used. Refer to your assignment guidelines for the headings to be used for the body of the paper.
Level 1 Paper Heading (Bold and centered)
Begin to type the body of your paper here. Use as many paragraphs as needed to cover the content appropriately.
Level 2 Heading (if required) (Bold and starts at left margin)
Type additional content here.
Next Level 2 Heading
Continue to add support for your purpose.
Next Level 1 Heading
Use as many headings as necessary to organize your paper. Short papers may only have first-level headings. Longer papers may require more organizational detail.
Papers should end with a conclusion or summary. It should be concise and contain little or no detail. No matter how much space is left on the page, the references always start on a separate page (insert a page break).
References (centered, not bold)
Type your references in alphabetical order here using hanging indents. APA guidelines should be followed for reference formatting.

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