Individual Report on Marketing

Assignment Guidelines:
Continuing the British brand you selected below for coursework 1 write a 3000 worded report:

  1. Aston Martin

a) With consideration to your coursework 1, you are required to compare and contrast the digital marketing approaches used by your chosen British brand with other successful global companies across the STP framework (minimum one other company for comparison). The comparison could include an example from a different but relevant industry to the brand you selected for coursework 1.

b) Make recommendations to how your chosen company can do better and improve to be more successful. These recommendations can focus on any of the areas of the 7P’s and need to include at least 4 of the issues covered in this framework.
Your work should be word processed in accordance with the following:
• Font style, Helvetica Neue, font size 12
• 1.5 line spacing.
• The page orientation should be ‘portrait’
• Margins on both sides of the page should be no less than 2.5 cm
• Pages should be numbered
• Your name [should/should not – delete as required] appear on the script.
Your student number should be included on every page

Indicative Structure:
 Non-anonymous Cover Sheet (available on Aula)
 Title page with student details and coursework details
 Executive summary. No more than one page.
 Table of contents
 Introduction (a brief synopsis of the report and the case study brand).
 Environmental Analysis (Macro Analysis)
o Summary/key highlights from CW1. (PESTEL model is optional – to be provided in an appendix)
 Industry Analysis of the brand (Micro Analysis)
o Summary/key highlights (TOWS, Porter’s 5 Forces model is optional – to be provided in an appendix).
 Marketing Strategy Analysis: STP
o Critically evaluation of where the brand stands in comparison to competitors (Focus on brand digital marketing resources and capabilities and brand reputation).
o Segmentation – Targeting – Positioning to be provided separately with clarity and detailed justification in the main body of the report. Again, focus should be given on competitor comparison to understand different approaches.
 Marketing Strategy Analysis: Promotional Activities
o Critical evaluation of the main activities of the brand when promoting the product of your choice in the global market using the 7Ps/Marketing Mix (minimum of 4Ps).
 Conclusion and Recommendations
 List of references in APA Format
 Appendices (optional)

Please note that in the main body of your report you should focus on critically analysing the key (only) aspects of the factors influencing the International Marketing Strategy of the case study brand, instead of providing an exhaustive list of information regarding those factors.
Criticality, rather than a lengthy description, is required in this assignment.

Please also note that submitted work must be all your own work and should not have been copied in part or in whole from any other source unless correctly quoted using the APA referencing style. Please see your course handbook or the Library website for more information on referencing and University regulations on plagiarism.

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