Individual Analytical Report

Assessment 2: Individual Analytical Report 
As an expert involved in FastGood’s supply chain analysis project, you have been asked to provide an analytic report demonstrating the inefficiencies and/or challenges that were initially identified by FastGood. 

Carefully read FastGood’s case study and the associated dataset. Develop an analytic report that addresses the questions asked by the top management in relation to the businesses of FastGood. You will need to draw on analytical methods covered in this subject as well as other academic resources (e.g. peer-reviewed journal articles, book and book chapters).

1.     FastGood plans to build a new distribution centre in the region. Mrs. Banerjee has been tasked to swiftly make a recommendation about the location of the new DC. To answer this question, you are required to develop a comprehensive map of FastGood’s supply chain with the help of the Excel Power Map tool and submit it as a screenshot. You are required to include all nodes of the supply chain (e.g. supplier, DC, Plant, customer) and demand density. Discuss how your supply chain map enables her to make an effective and efficient decision? (~1000 words)

2.     FastGood’s DC manager has recently submitted an inventory report covering the last 6 months’ data (July-Dec) to the supply chain department (see the provided dataset). The report reveals a significant increase in average inventory levels of Facial Cream in almost all DCs compared to the first 6 months of the year. Mrs. Banerjee decided to revise the inventory replenishment policy of Facial Cream in all DCs. She is considering a shift to MRP inventory policy instead of the existing Regular policy. Implementing the MRP policy requires an accurate demand forecast. You are tasked with evaluating a five weeks moving average forecasting method on the July-Dec demand data for Facial Cream. You need to discuss the accuracy of the method by referring to forecast error measures. Apply the method to predict the demand for Week 53 (Week 1 of next year).   (~500 words)

3.     FastGood’s marketing team in Malaysia recently received information revealing that some of the existing customers’ demand is being shifted to FastGood’s competitors. This resulted in high inventory levels in East Malaysia’s DCs for Detergent. To overcome the issue, Mrs. Banerjee has decided to apply the EOQ inventory policy in East Malaysia’s DCs for Detergent. Historical data (see the provided dataset) shows a monthly Detergent demand of 70,000 cases in East Malaysia. What is the Economic Order Quantity of Detergent for East Malaysia’s DCs? Discuss how ordering and inventory costs are affected if the DCs set an order amount less or more than the EOQ (+/- 15% of EOQ).  (~1000 words)


–      You can find information on inventory carrying costs and ordering costs in the “current design and policies” section of the FastGood case study. 

–       You can find some basic information about Microsoft Excel Power Map (Microsoft 3D Maps) tool by visiting here. More research may be required.

–       Make sure you carefully read the marking criteria before you start working on your assignment.

–      Submit your final report as a Word document, including your analyses and recommendations. 

–      Remember to use the referencing style. (Note that your calculations and your reference list are not included in your total word count.)

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