Indirect Lesson Activity

For this assignment, you will practice planning and writing an instructional activity based on indirect teaching.

Choose one of the activities or strategies you learned about in this module and design an instructional learning activity based on your selected strategy.  You do not need to write an entire lesson plan.  The end goal is for you to create an activity you could implement in your future classroom.   You will also need to select one to two TEKS (Links to an external site.) on which you will base your activity content/topic.  Finally, write an activity Overview/Summary (description) of your learning activity. 

Some Activity Ideas

An lesson activity including one or more of Marzano’s high-yield strategies *  MARZANO’S STRATEGIES

  • A class debate
  • A cooperative-based group activity
  • An inquiry-based classroom center
  • A problem or project-based scenario
  • Another idea of your choice that clearly includes concepts from the Indirect Instructional Strategies Module

On a Word document, address each item below.  At the top of the first page, include your name, course number, semester, and year. 

  1. TEKS  (Links to an external site.) selected (3 points)
  2. Title of the activity (2 points)
  3. Overview/Summary of the activity (10 points)
    Describe the activity.  Include how you will structure the activity to ensure active student participation. 
    In your summary, include other components as applicable.  For example, you may choose to include: 
    1. Lesson background information (e.g., background content information, or how this activity will fit into a larger unit of study, etc.)
    1. A list of cooperative group roles or functions
    1. A debate scenario, possible sides to the debate, and debate procedure
    1. Project guidelines and descriptions for a research project
    1. Student data collection tools for a research project
    1. Types of student handouts to be used
    1. Time allotted for the activity
    1. Materials needed
    1. Activity rubric

Scoring:  The point value for each item is listed above.  To earn full points, clearly and directly address each item.  The lesson activity should align with the selected TEKS and clearly represent indirect instructional strategies. The overview/summary should clearly detail the activity as well as how it will be structured to ensure active student participation.  The description should be written using academic, college-level writing in grammar, spelling, sentence structure, and punctuation, and be submitted by the due date.    

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