Independence Movement

Essay Question: Do you think Kurdistan’s independence movement has failed? And if we assume that Kurdistan’s independence was recognized, could it potentially end conflicts between Iraqis and Kurds, and what should be the next step for Kurds after September 2017 referendum that lacked international support?
The research essay need to develop based on a solid and tentative argument to address the essay’s questions, and it is expected to be informed by, and engage with, the perspectives and arguments in international development studies. While writing the research essay you need to have in mind that development has been regarded as an invention, a Western idea, and very often has provided the legitimacy for social, cultural, economic, and political intervention of Western countries in the life of developing societies in the Third World. Intervention in the named of development has not only curtailed the autonomy of independent states to pursue their own visions and aspirations to construct just and economically sustainable societies, but has also allowed notions of “Whiteness” and “Othering” or “the West and the rest” to be institutionalized in the practice and discourse of the development work. Are the development industry, and the practice and discourse that support it, justifiable today? If so, under what grounds? What are the possible directions of international development in fostering an equitable world?
Use eight scholarly sources that directly relate to including books, book chapters, and articles from academic journals (do not use newspaper or magazine articles) and indicate the library call numbers for each source. If you are listing any Internet source, it must come from academic journals.
The essay must be primarily analytical (rather than descriptive) and must be organized around a clear argument (thesis statement). The discussion must be presented in the context of the issues and concepts within international development studies.  The essay level should match university level (fourth year).
The essay must provide the necessary background to help the reader situate the case study and introduce relevant concepts and approaches.
Use MLA format.

Tentative Thesis Statement: Based on your research, indicate in a succinct statement the argument that you will develop in the essay. The thesis statement must be clearly written and must indicate why you are making the particular argument. It must also directly address the essay question.
Outline: Provide a preliminary structure of the essay indicating the various sections that you will require in order to develop your argument. Indicate the main points to be developed within each section, and any supporting ideas.
And a list of references you use.

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