Inclusion/Exclusion of Sport National Governing Bodies

Locate the website for each sport’s National Governing Body listed below. After investigating the website, answer the following questions:

(1) is the NGB inclusive or not? If not, who do they exclude: older participants and/or para-athletes?

(2) Is the NGB’s inclusion/exclusion consistent with its mission, goals, objectives, priorities, and/or vision?

(3) Do they have a Diversity and Inclusion statement posted on the website?

(4) How does this information make you feel about the NGB?

USA Swimming; USA Basketball; USA Badminton; USA Hockey: and USA Track & Field Of the 27 Paralympic sports, 16 sports share the same NGB with their Olympic counterpart, 6 sports have the Paralympic Sports Committee as their NGB, and 5 have external organizations as their NGBS.

Why do you think some Olympic NGBs do not include the related Paralympic sport? For information regarding Paralympic sports and access to their NGBS go to: Athlete-Services/Paralympic-Sport-Development/Getting-Started/Find-A-Sport

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