Inability and Incompetence

Question 1

Answer a PROMPT correctly, no plagiarism

750 words


Read the prompt below. Decide how you want to approach the topic. Then write a narrative response. .


Nobody wants to be considered a “failure.” The word suggests inability and incompetence, something that our culture frowns on. But sometimes a failure has unusual outcomes. For example, a high school student fails a history test on World War II. As a result, he has to retake the test. In doing so, he learns the importance of taking responsibility and studying ahead of time. In reviewing the material for the test, he might also be reminded of certain ideas that World War II exemplified—intolerance, passivity, and personal conscience.


Tell the story of a time that you faced failure in your life and learned something important from it. In your response, be sure to explain how you failed and the ways in which this failure led to an unusual outcome.

Question 2

This paper is to be your Autobiography. You are to detail your life events, in a narrative style, as it relates to the text for the course. You will take the events you have personally experienced and use the theories and concepts discussed in the text to provide some insight into these events. How did your early development influence your childhood, adolescence and beyond? Of course, you are only able to discuss the stages in which you have experienced(Please use the age ranges that Eric Erickson uses for each stage – but do be sure it is only for the age ranges – and you do include as many relevant theories and concepts in your paper and do not only address Erickson). You may use a diary/journal format, or a true narrative, to complete this assignment. Be sure that you do not only cover your life events. This needs to be an academic paper, where you are giving some educated background for what you are detailing, and be sure that you keep it at a college level of writing.

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