In-depth Case Study Analysis #1

Important Considerations:

  • This assignment is designed to demonstrate knowledge and application of health teaching and health promotion through analysis of a case study.
  • Read through the website in your readings (SEE BELOW) called “A Timeline of HIV/AIDS” and the article from NPR called “How to Demand a Medical Breakthrough”
  • Use a sub-heading for each question. (Example: Question 1: Write out the text of the question. Start a new paragraph and answer the question. Question 2: Write out the text of the question. Start a new paragraph and answer the question. Etc.)
  • Carefully consider the timeline of events and then thoroughly address the following questions.
Question 1: Five Significant Developments   (30%)Choosing from the events depicted on the timeline, what do you believe to be the five most significant developments in efforts to fight HIV? For each event that you identify as a significant development, thoroughly explain why you view it to be a major development in efforts to address HIV.
Question 2: Health Teaching   (30%)Imagine you could go back in time to do health teaching. Name three people or groups of people (or combination) who you would teach about HIV/AIDS. (Examples: the president, the media, schoolteachers, at-risk groups, etc.)Discuss why you would choose each person or groupDescribe in a short paragraph exactly what you would teach them.
Question 3: Lessons Learned   (30%)Considering the history of HIV, what two lessons can we learn from health promotion and health teaching efforts related to HIV that could be applied to health promotion and health teaching in the current COVID-19 crisis?
APA Format and Grammar     (10%)Case study submissions must be scholarly in nature. Include a title page and a References page. Cite at least two outside sources of information (sources other than these readings) relevant to the case study into the responses.  

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