Improving Communication Between Departments in a Company

Research question: How do you improve communication between departments in a company?
Working thesis statement: Effective communication between departments plays a crucial role since it affects the company’s health, especially in the context of setting and achieving goals.
Detailed outline:

  1. Working thesis in introduction: In all spheres and aspects of human life, communication plays a crucial role since it serves as the most fundamental instrument of delivering opinion and achieving consensus within the community.
  • Communication is also vital in the business industry, especially within departments, since it affects every aspect of the company’s health and its ability to set and reach goals.
  • The lack of communication between departments within the organization is a common problem.
  • The results of the survey, according to which almost 70% of employees worldwide claim that the communication between departments is inadequate at their workplaces.
    The source: The study conducted by The Economist, 2018.
  1. The reasons for poor communication in the company:
  • Personal conflicts between managers from different departments
  • Broken flow of information
  • Physical separation of different departments
  • Cultural barriers
  • Office tribalism
  • Stereotypes in the industry
  • Other reasons, including the information not received on time or the filtration effect.
    The sources: Book by Kondalkar, 2009, pp. 341-342; the article by Kalogiannidis, 2020, pp. 1-6.
  1. The impact of the poor communication
  • Conflicts between departments within the company
  • Low productivity
  • Worker distrust and absenteeism
  • Morale drops among employees
  • Other reasons
    The sources: Gamil and Rahman, 2017, pp. 239-247; the article by Grossman, 2022; Campbell et al., 2020, pp. 32-39.
  1. The strategies to improve communication between the departments within the organization
  • To overcome the communication gap within the departments
  • To stimulate the flow of interdepartmental information
  • To build a culture of transparency and openness
  • To make workers visit other departments
  • To learn about the work styles and needs of other departments
  • To establish regular meetings between departments with set agendas
  • To provide content and put it into the context
  • To have a conversation and get feedback
    The sources: Forbes, 2022; Quirke, 2017; the article “Communication between departments.”
  1. The benefits of improved communication between departments in the company
  • The increase in labor productivity
  • The contribution to effective setting and achieving the company’s goals
  • Data transparency
  • Improved trust between workers
  • Avoidance of conflict situations
    The sources: Antony A., 2013.
  1. Conclusions
  • Internal communication between departments plays a crucial role since it affects the setting and achieving company’s goals.
  • There are numerous strategies that can help improve interdepartmental communication.
  • Improved communication can deliver specific benefits, including increased work productivity and improved trust between workers.

Reflection Questions
Learning to conduct research is important because it is a skill you will use both in academia and in your professional life. It improves critical thinking and empowers you to find information for yourself. Consider the process of researching as a whole. What was the most challenging aspect of the process for you? (2-3 sentences)
The most challenging aspect of researching was finding resources that corresponded to the topic. Specifically, it was hard to evaluate each source and define whether the information it delivered was credible.
The working thesis statement is a proposed answer to your research question. It should clearly identify a debatable topic and take a position on one side of that topic. Analyze the effectiveness of your working thesis statement. (3-4 sentences).
My thesis statement is made in one sentence that presents one side of the argument on the aim of effective interdepartmental communication: setting the aims and achieving them. Communication between departments plays a crucial role since it contributes to the company’s aims and the process of their realization. Without effective communication, businesses will not succeed.
A detailed outline is an effective tool for laying out the progression of an argument. It allows you to consider the arrangement and organization of your ideas, as well as choose places to incorporate outside source materials. Review your detailed outline and summarize the argument you’ve presented. (3-4 sentences).
I started with an explanation of the significance of effective interdepartmental communication. Later, I examine the reasons for poor communication between the departments and the strategies for improving communication. Finally, I explain why effective communication between departments is crucial.
You will use the same topic on three of the remaining Touchstones in this course. What kind of feedback would be helpful for you? What are specific questions you might have as you go deeper into the research process? (2-3 sentences).
I would like feedback on whether some case studies should be used to explain the effectiveness of proposed strategies. I would also like to receive feedback on the academic format to use for research papers.

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