Improvement of Management

For the below format of the assignment, go with the Memo to Management. In terms of question 2, use the company CME Corp, as this is a very close example of the industry of my company. So, choose factors that would have greatest influence on a company like that. These are the chapters of the pdf textbooks that should apply, though some of the earlier chapters may apply as well:
• Marquardt (2011): Chapters 6 & 7
• Noe (2020): Chapters 5 & 6
This assignment is related to the assigned chapters for this Module, from the two text books Noe and Marquardt. Both questions must be answered.

  1. You are now tasked to implement a new knowledge management system. Based on what you have read in the text books, attached e-book on Knowledge Management, and other online resources in this module, what are some of the factors you would recommend to make sure that employees shared and accessed knowledge? Provide some examples.
  2. You have learned about the factors that influence the choice of evaluation design for a training program. Based on your own experience, which of those factors would have the greatest influence on your company’s choice of an evaluation design? Why?
    This assignment can be written as a Memo to the Management, or a newsletter to be circulated internally within the company. Feel free to include a couple of images (not more than 2) in your newsletter.

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