Improvement Of Healthcare Practices

Information management systems collects, stores, and manages data. It can be stored in different formats. Quality improvement initiatives are programs focused on monitoring, analyzing, and improving quality in healthcare practices. There are different types of healthcare information management systems. Examples are electronic health records, patient portals, and medical billing software. The purpose of the systems is to improve the quality of patient care. Information management systems assist managers in implementing quality improvements by increasing effectiveness in healthcare institutions by accuracy of data collected thus reducing chances of medical error (Chaware & Saxena, 2021). Electronic health records do this by providing immediate access to patient information and the information is shared throughout multiple departments which can reduce medical errors.
When implementing new initiatives, it is important to for manage to practice what they preach. Employees will be more likely to follow new procedures when they see upper management doing it as well. Setting new policy and procedures creates new guidelines for everyone to follow. They usually have detailed steps and define exactly what the new procedure is making it easier for employees to adapt to new processes.
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Changing practice patterns can be very difficult according to Ross (2014). Implementing new policy or procedures can be enhanced by information management systems. Information management systems can assist management in implementing quality initiatives by collecting the data prior to the implementation to find out where improvement is needed and how the improvement will be measured. Data can be collected after the initiative to see how it is performing. Information systems can help new initiatives endure by monitoring results. To help clinical personnel adhere to new policies information systems can have instructions, alerts, alarms and charting procedures for clinical personnel, who may otherwise be unaware of changes in procedures.
Computer Decision System (CDS) are an example of how information systems can enhance improvement initiatives. According to Ross (2014) CDS is to “provide the right information, to the right person, in the right format, through the right channel, at the right point in the workflow to improve healthcare decisions and outcomes” CDS has been shown to improve care consistent with guidelines. This kind of information is particularly important in an industry where many organizations work on multiple shifts and it is difficult to have departmental meetings with all employees present. And to remind employees what is needed. However, according to Ross (2014) employees sometimes refuse to comply with new procedures because they disagree with them or forget instructions for the task.
Ross, T. K. (2014) Healthcare Quality Management Tools and Applications, Chapter 11, John Wiley and Sons

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