Improvement In Hygiene

Feedback is important. To understand whether the changes you are making are leading to improvement, you need some type of feedback. Healthcare systems are complex; it is not enough to use a single measure as your sole means of determining if you are improving a particular system. Instead, you need to track a set of measures if you want to thoroughly evaluate the impact of your changes on the many facets of the system. This week is the time to identify the things you will measure. ( 1)Choose a family of measures for your improvement project and complete the Project Measures Worksheet (Word). Include the following:
• One outcome measure
• Two to four process measures
• One or two balancing measures
The assignment directly addresses the key issues, questions, or problems related to the topic of discussion.
The posting is, thoughtful, insightful, and/or thought-provoking and uses personal examples or appropriate examples from other sources (such as history, literature, or film) to demonstrate understanding of the concepts and/or ideas pertaining to the assigned question. The posting is grammatically correct and free of errors.
My improvemet topic below
The necessary improvement is to ensure that all nurses observe glove hygiene by wearing gloves only during patient-care activities and not outside the hallway or nurses’ station. The goal, therefore, is to practice effective hand and glove hygiene which entails washing hands before and after using gloves, practicing single use of gloves, and removing the gloves immediately after patient care
By April 30th, 2022, all nurses should practice glove hygiene by wearing gloves only during patient-care activities and not outside the hallway or the nurses’ station to protect patients and other healthcare workers who may be at risk of contamination with body fluids and germ dissemination within the County Hospital from the hands of the healthcare workers.
The video below is just to give a supporting idea
Which of the six behaviors described in the video do you think is most difficult for a leader to learn? Why did you choose that one?

Please message back if explanation is needed.

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