Important Content

“You are required to critically examine the practice of HRD in your own organisation (or one with which you are familiar), and make justified and feasible recommendations for improvement in the future. Your work should be fully evidenced and linked to relevant academic research and literature.”

My current company name is Jobline Resources Pte Ltd (Outsourcing company)

Maximum words : 2500 (excluding appendices)

Important content in the research report

– Shows extensive relevant knowledge with evidence of significant independent study and reading.

– Provides very good explanations, analysis and arguments.

– Must have primary research

– Research assignment should begin by providing some background information for the benefit of an external reader on the organisation and how HRD is organised. It is permissible to anonymise your organisation for the purpose of this assignment, but sufficient information on its business, strategy, staffing and current performance should be given to provide context for the analysis.

– Should initially carry out some research on which to base your analysis and evaluation. Ideally this should include some primary research, for example by talking to key stakeholders such as senior managers, line managers, the HR department, and a selection of staff. You should also utilise secondary data where you feel this is relevant to support your analysis. Make your methodology clear to your reader.

Your analysis should identify both strengths and areas for improvement in your organisation’s HRD practices. This should be supported by evidence, and you will be rewarded if you can compare and integrate relevant HRD literature with this.

– Recommendations should follow logically from your analysis, and an action plan can be presented in the form of a table. However, you should also demonstrate that you have considered resource implications and how key stakeholders could be influenced to commit to your proposals.

The assignment should be fully referenced according to the Harvard system and contain a bibliography.

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