1. When do you need to apply for program completion and review?

2. Who is responsible for recording your official attendance records? 

3. You must enroll in INTR 599/799 each semester?

4. The hours for the residence weekends are as follows: 

5. Which office do you contact to pay your bill at the University of the Cumberlands?

6. If you have an issue with a course or professor, who do you contact?

7. What email address should you use to send questions to a UC faculty or staff member?

8. If you have a problem with your iLearn classroom or iLearn access what number do you call?

9. Which of the following websites will connect you with library resources at UC?

10. If you need assistance with your I-20 which phone number at UC would you call?

11. Where do you receive official UC communication regarding registration, advising, etc?

12. As a graduate student, it is appropriate to submit an assignment past the due date, or to ask a professor to accept a late assignment?

13. Where can I find a copy of my residence weekend attendance records? 

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