Implementing Provisions

QUESTION a:The Affordable Care Act: Variability by State

The costs of implementing provisions called for under the PPACA, and the benefits from the legislation, vary from one state to another. The degree to which your health care organization must adhere to guidelines of the ACA may affect the extent of the type of health care services offered, the types of patients served by your facility, and how health care costs are maintained. As a current or future health care executive, you must consider how to balance operations of your health care organization within the context of the ACA and in providing high-quality, low-cost health care.

Review the resources. Search for the cost of implementing the ACA for a health care organization in your state. Reflect on the benefits of implementing the ACA for a health care organization in your state. How might your health care organization, or one with which you are familiar, be affected by ACA mandates?

Describe in 2 or 3 paragraphs the costs of implementing ACA provisions in your state. Then, explain the benefits of the ACA in your state. Explain how the costs and benefits of the ACA may impact you as a current or future health care executive and your health care organization or one with which you are familiar. Be specific and provide examples.

QUESTION b: Population Health and the Affordable Care Act

Earlier in this course you examined how health care organizations are beginning to look at value-based care, which often encompasses care across the continuum of health care services. You also considered how this was associated with new payment methodologies. Care across the continuum links to population health, which describes the outcomes of the health of the population, and to new payment methods through the ACA.

As a health care executive for a hospital, you have been responsible for caring for the patient in your hospital bed. In the last couple of years, your role has likely expanded to include determining how to keep patients from being re-hospitalized. With the implementation of the ACA, your role is expanding further to encompass population health.

Review the resources and reflect on your role as a health care executive in implementing ACA provisions related to population health strategies. Reflect on the considerations you should keep in mind to fully comply with and enact population health strategies in light of ACA legislation.

Explain in 2 or 3 paragraphs how you as a hospital chief executive officer (CEO) might create a population health strategy based on ACA foci. Be specific and provide examples.


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