Impacts of Hosting a Major Sporting Event

 The Assignment

Write a 2,500-word report responding to the 2-part task in the box below. 

Analyse the impacts of hosting a major sporting event. 

Use this analysis to recommend ways of maximising the benefits and/or minimising the challenges of hosting such an event.

Essential Guidance:

  1. The report should analyse impacts in general. It should not be about a specific sporting event, although you may use specific examples and comparisons to events such as the Olympics or Football World Cup.

You should analyse the impacts from three perspectives:


Ideally, each perspective should cover 2 to 3 different issues. See below for suggestions.

  • The Report must use research and evidence from references. You should undertake this yourself and find your own sources. However, the Introduction of the report must use the specified texts and only the specified texts. These can be found on the VLE in the APS Assessment Tile. 

For students studying a degree related to Business the first perspective should be The Economic Impacts. 

Relevant issues might include:  

  • Impacts relating to the costs of holding such an event (this could include the cost of making a bid to hold such an event; planning costs; infrastructure and construction costs; costs related to staging the event)
  • Impacts related to short and long-term business impacts (effects on local businesses such as restaurants and hotels; effects on employment; results of a raised global profile for the country)
  • Issues connected with funding (opportunities for partnerships and marketing; effects on government spending and burden on taxpayers)

 ALL students will also need to analyse two other perspectives. These perspectives are:

 The impacts from an environmental perspective. 

 Relevant issues might include:

  • Impacts to the local environment (this could be due to the construction involved; effects relating to increases in local and international travel could be considered)
    • Opportunities for the use of sustainable building techniques and carbon neutrality
  • Effects on landscape and biodiversity 

The impacts from a social perspective. 

Relevant issues might include:

  • Issues related to physical and mental health outcomes (this could be at both national and international levels and relate to issues such as awareness of health and fitness as well as the positive effects of national events and celebrations)
  • Issues relating to crime and security (crowd control and safety; increased risk of terrorism)
  • Legacies of such events (changes to local infrastructure such as public transport; creation of sporting venues for public use; development of training programmes for children and youths)

 Your report should follow the structure and suggested word counts below: 

Cover Page

  • Title of the report
    • Title of the module
    • Student Number (1xxxxxx)
    • Date of submission
    • Word count (excluding Executive Summary, citations, contents page and Reference List)

Executive Summary (not included in the word count)

  • Summary of each section of the report and its key points

Contents Page (not included in the word count)

  • Main section headings with page numbers

Introduction (suggested: 300 words)

  • Definition of a major sporting event
    • Definition of ‘stakeholder’
    • A discussion (with examples) of the various stakeholders involved in hosting a major sporting event 
    • A sentence summarising the main aims of the report

Analysis (suggested: 1500 words in total)

  • One subsection for each of the 3 perspectives.
    • Each subsection should have a subheading.
    • All key ideas should be supported with reliable and relevant source evidence.

Conclusion (suggested: 200 words)

  • Summary of key points from the Analysis section.

Recommendations (suggested: 500 words)

  • Three recommendations presented as bullet points, with subheadings.
    • Each recommendation must suggest a way to maximise a benefit or minimise a challenge which has been discussed in your Analysis section.
    • These recommendations should be supported by research.

Reference List (not included in word count)

  • This should follow the conventions of Harvard referencing.

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