Impact of Information Systems and Computer Technology on Nursing Practice

Getting Started

Electronic information and computer technology have enhanced healthcare in many ways. You will access information from your assigned readings in this course and an additional literature review to discuss the impact of clinical informatics on the safety, quality, and efficiency of nursing care. This paper should reflect correct grammar, punctuation, spelling, and 7th edition APA format.

Upon successful completion of this assignment, you will be able to:

  • Describe the impact that information systems and computer technology have on quality, safety, and efficiency in nursing practice.


  • Textbook: Applied Clinical Informatics for Nurses
  • Textbook: APA Publication Manual
  • File: Reviewing TurnitIn Feedback
  • Website: Academic Writer
  • Website: TurnitIn
  • Website: Grammarly
  • Website: Grammarly Setup for IWU Students

Background Information

Indiana Wesleyan University uses the Turnitin program to check submitted assignments for potential plagiarism using pattern-recognition algorithms. After you submit your assignment in the Assignment Submission page, originality and similiarity reports are generated. Review the information at this website to assist you with the Turnitin feedback written assignments may then be corrected and resubmitted (using the same file name) in the assignment submission folder.

Wikipedia is not viewed as an academic or scholarly source for written assignments. This open and collaborative online encyclopedia allows anyone to edit information, and not all edits can be verified. It may include factual errors and false or misleading information. You may find that the bibliography list in Wikipedia provides links to credible sources that may occasionally be used for certain topics. As with any website, you must verify the authenticity of each source prior to citing and referencing in academic writing.

You are expected to use correct APA format for this assignment. You may use the APA template (provided in workshop two) or the basic student paper template created in Academic Writer. Other resources for this assignment can be your course textbooks and OCLS resources. Please type all assignments in Arial size 12 font, write in third person, and avoid referring to the reader as “you” (second person). Minimal use of direct quoting is important when citing and referencing information on this topic. Please review the criteria on the grading rubric carefully before starting this written assignment.


  1. Review the TurnitIn website and handout linked from the resource list above
  2. Prior to beginning the assignment, review the grading rubric to understand the criteria for earning a maximum of 200 points.
  3. Write a 2 to 3-page paper (excluding the title page and reference page) that includes the following:
    1. Describe the impact that information systems and computer technology has on quality, safety, and efficiency in nursing practice.
    2. Give specific examples from the literature to support your discussion.
    3. Cite and reference a minimum of three current and scholarly sources in this paper.  Your textbook, Applied Clinical Informatics for Nurses, may be considered one of the three sources used for this assignment. Remember that cited chapters from an edited textbook must have separate entries on the reference page.
  4. Proofread your paper for grammar, spelling, and APA errors. Consider using writing resources like or Grammarly. This link explains the use of the Grammarly tool:
    1. Remember, the Grammarly tool does not have your nursing knowledge.  Some suggestions or comments may not be accurate, but it is useful as a general tool to assist with improving your writing style as needed. Remember that there is a plagiarism check in the Grammarly program that can be used before submitting the assignment.
  5. When you have completed your assignment, upload your file using the “Access the Assignment Submission Page” link below (Turnitin enabled).
  6. After reviewing your Turnitin similarity and originality reports, save a copy for yourself and submit your corrected assignment before the end of the workshop for your instructor to grade.
  7. The following assessment rubric is used to grade this written assignment.

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