Impact of Gideon v. Wainwright


Below are the questions that need to be formulated in an essay format. All the questions MUST be answered in a very thorough manner and including a “own opinion” based on the question asked. Also, it must be cited. It must include quotes from the video link below as well as from the book called “Gideon’s Trumpet” chapters 11-14 and the Epilogue.

What did the majority opinion decide in this case?

Why did Wainwright’s name replace Cochran’s and therefore forever cement Wainwright’s name in the history books?

 What impact did this case have in the states and what did it ultimately create in order to offer counsel to indigent criminal defendants?

How many Florida prisoners were released as a result of Gideon and what was the recidivism rate?

What was the public’s reaction to the decision in the case?

What was Gideon’s initial reaction to his retrial? Why was this not considered “double jeopardy”?

Compare Gideon’s first trial to his retrial. What key thing did Gideon’s lawyer, Fred Turner do that led to a different result in this trial compared to the first?

Why did this case so fascinate the public?

Please include citations from both: Gideon’s Trumpet chapters 11-14 and the Epilogue as well as the C-Span Landmark Cases series on Gideon v. Wainwright: (Links to an external site.)

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