Impact of European Colonization on the Native American People of the New World

Research Paper Assignment

your Task:  Write an original research paper on one of the topics below meeting the following requirements:

What was the impact of European colonization on the Native American people of the New World?

Must Complete out line

Using a blank Word document, construct an outline similar to the one attached in the files .  Your outline should include your thesis statement and supporting points.  Attach the Word file to this drop box to submit it.

Using the APA Template, – Alternative Formats submit your references list for your research paper.  Leave the other areas blank for now.  You will use this same template for your research paper.

4-6 pages not including the title page and references page

Minimum of three sources/Text book may count as one source, but others must come from GALILEO

Online text book:


Minimum of 8 in-text citations.

APA format

Double spaced, Times New Roman, size 12 font

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