Impact Of Climate Change On Aviation

Throughout this course, we have practiced our critical thinking skills and honed our scientific and information literacy skills. You’ve had plenty of practice finding and reading primary literature, including journal articles. You have also sharpened your skills in evaluating online resources. Now, you will apply these skills in one final synthesis activity.
In this module, you explored the numerous impacts of aviation on climate change, as well as the impacts of climate change on aviation. Recall that, although there is a scientific consensus on climate change, worldviews can also be influenced by politics, economics, religion, education, and culture. Going one step further – you do not have to agree with a scientific consensus. If that were the case, we would still assert that the Earth is flat, the sun orbits Earth (geocentric universe), disease is caused by miasma, humans originated out of Asia, and continents are stationary. Science undergoes paradigm shifts and self-corrects.
You will encounter people with different opinions on climate change. This exercise will allow you to present an educated discussion on the topic by developing a position and then supporting your position with logical reasoning and relevant evidence.
Develop an essay that consists of an evidence-based argument that supports your positions on how:

  1. aviation impacts climate change, and
  2. climate change impacts aviation.
    Utilize mainly information and web-based sources included in the Module 9 Lesson to develop your essay. Supplement your discussion with other reliable sources as needed to support your argument. Include ALL sources used at the end of your essay and cite each source within the essay.
    Guidance for Developing your Evidence-Based Argument
    The goal is to convince the reader of the validity of your stated position, not to persuade them to agree with you (review Persuasive Writing vs. Argumentative Writing (DOCX)). Download Persuasive Writing vs. Argumentative Writing (DOCX)).
    Be sure to clearly state your position, the reasons for your position, and the evidence supporting your position, while acknowledging opposing views and alternative perspectives.
    Utilize this Evidence-Based Argument Checklist (PDF) ( ReadWriteThink) (Links to an external site.) to develop your essay:
    • Early in the essay, I offer a clear and interesting, but arguable, claim or position on the subject.
    • I use several pieces of direct evidence from reliable sources to support my claim or position.
    • The evidence I present is logically organized into meaningful points that clearly explain how the evidence supports and advances my claim or position.
    • The evidence I present indicates an in-depth understanding of the information.
    Words: 900
    Format: APA in a word document
    References: 4

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