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Assume that your next college requires an admissions essay in addition to your transcript and application. Your essay should be the result of thoughtful self-exploration on your topic. Often, college admissions committees want to know more about you as an individual than can be determined by examining your college transcript and application form. In addition, the committees want to see how well you write. Your admissions essay adds value to your transcript and application form and lets the admissions committee hear your voice. Your essay is an opportunity to present a good image of yourself. Here is the writing prompt the admissions committee has given to you for your essay:

Write a thesis-controlled expository essay. Select any passage (one to three sentences) that you find in one of the essays listed below on the broad theme of self-identity.

In each sample essay consider what contributes to the author’s self-identity, the author’s thesis, persona, and strategies of development. These essays should lead you to explore your own identity as it is shaped by language, race/ethnicity/culture, gender, and/or personal values. Make personal connections with the passage you select in terms of your own life experiences, observations, and beliefs. Develop your thesis with an introduction and at least three topic sentence paragraphs with appropriate strategies of development. Incorporate a quoted passage from one of the essays below into your introduction and let that quote lead to your thesis.

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