Issues in a Healthy Work Environment and Guidelines to Follow for Improvement

The purpose of this formal paper is to enable students to gain greater knowledge and understanding of healthy work environments and the issues that impact poor nurse and patient outcomes. The paper should be approximately 3-5 pages excluding title and references (see suggested page guidelines) and include adherence to APA format for all aspects of the paper. You may use the components as headings for the paper.

Components of the assignment and grading rubric criteria:

Introduction (~1 page) 25 points
Present and describe guidelines for a Healthy Work Environment (HWE).
Describe your current work environment,
In your current work environment, consider the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT) to assess the work environment. (See page 180 in your text).
What 2-3 guidelines do you recommend strengthening as it relates to these elements and why.
Literature Review (~1-2 pages) 30 points
Summarize and synthesize pertinent professional literature on HWE as it relates to the elements you recommend strengthening.
Literature from books and readings should be used including the required readings from the text and Canvas articles.
Discussion and Conclusion (~ 2 pages) 30 point
Based on the literature and your learnings from this course, what specific recommendations would you make to build a HWE in your workplace. What resources are needed to be successful in these recommendations. What barriers or obstacles do you foresee? Be sure to substantiate with the literature.
Recommendations should include an objective, action items (tasks), and resource(s) including cost.
Format and Presentation 15 points
Organization of written material, all elements of the assignment are included.
Use of proper grammar, correct spelling and careful editing.
Appropriate citations and references in APA format 7th edition.

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